deutsch Working interdisciplinary together in teams, contributing own valuable knowledge is the key to success in projects with complex tasks and multiple technologies. In this sense we accomplished successfully numerous large projects.

The focus of these projects was primarily on the design and the implementation of the applications in global and comprehensive systems. Embedded in a given environment with interfaces to external systems, the challenge was to reconcile the clients' visions, the technical requirements and budget restrictions.

These projects were mainly - but not exclusively - located in the field of financial services and banks. As expected, typical tasks from the banking and brokerage business were predominating. In detail, projects with the following functions had been realised:

  • Security trading systems (XETRA/EUREX, XONTRO) and secondary systems based on these trading systems
  • Custodial services systems
  • (Real time) Supply with prices of stocks, warrants, funds and options & futures from external data streams (Values API, Reuters,...)
  • Report and indicator systems for security analysis
  • Rsik management, Buying power and margin calculation systems
  • Security information management systems (WM-Daten)
  • IPO processing systems
All these systems formed the software kernel or at least an essential part of the backend. Appropriate front-end dialogs were developed and integrated into the whole system.

Furthermore the future software maintenance capability was considered. Of particular interest was the software structure as an often-underestimated quality criteria. Especially with growing project sizes a suitable software architecture is absolutely necessary to allow the system to evolve and adapt to upcoming new external requirements.

Just at this point we could help our clients significantly with our comprehensive experiences since we were involved in the whole software development cycle. This means writing the initial requirement specification, developing a prototype, creating the detail design, coding the actual implementation and performing the final component and integrations tests.

Of course relational databases were an important part of the mentioned systems. An optimal data model facilitates the realisation of the project objectives like transaction efficiency and reliability. The data-modeling process is almost always supported by suitable UML software tools with code generation features.

As previously mentioned, our main focus are consulting services for financial and business management projects. Embedded in larger teams or whole IT departments, we support our clients projects with our experiences and skills.

Moreover during the last years we managed successfully very large projects in Telecom sector. In general the focus was on the technical and business settlement of wholesale trading with telecommunication services. In detail the projects consist of:

  • provisioning and settlement of telephone base lines (TAL),
  • management of telephone numbers (pools),
  • setup and configuration of VoIP accounts,
  • (de-)activation of various client telephone features
of the customers of the telecom resellers.

The technical communication of all the applications mentioned above were based on webservices, (a)synchronous JMS or RMI. If information has to be transferred over Internet the data format is chosen according to publicly available specifications like XML and XSD schemas. For WANs or in-house systems standardized protocols like FIX or SWIFT are used.

On the backend side we are providing comprehensive knowledge for application server architectures with EJBs, Hibernate and SOAP based web-services.

Browser based user interfaces use techniques like Java Server Pages JSP, Struts and Seam beside the basic (X)html (incl. Cascading Style Sheets CSS) and Ajax/Javascript

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